Tuna Fisheries and Processing Company

PT. Multipar Sapta Tama has been consistently growing in fisheries activity since 2017. Started with only 7 fishing vessels in early year of establishment, now we are operating 13 fishing vessels added by 29 local fisherman boats consisting purse seine, pole and line, and collecting ships.

Our main fish products are Skipjack Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Bonito, and Mackerel. Through these fishes, PT. Multipar Sapta Tama keeps on growing until today and continues to provide the best products for everyone.

Whole-round fishes are not the only product provided by PT. Multipar Sapta Tama. We are also be able to process our own fish to become value-added products such as Canned Tuna, Pre-cooked Tuna Loins and Raw Tuna Loins/Steak. subsequently we are also able to costumize our end products based on our business partner requests.

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